Data protection

As we collect personal data, we are subject to the Swiss Data Protection Act (LPD of 19 June 1992).

Collected data

We need the following personal data from you:

Email address and password, in order to be able to identify you during your visit to the website

Full name and surname (not initials) and at least one address, so that we can identify you formally and send you your orders.

All data that we collect is related to your orders, the payment of your order and your use of the website, and is used solely for the purposes of processing your orders, and for statistical purposes, to improve this website.

To collect this data, the website uses cookies.

Data transmitted to third parties

Only data necessary for the processing of the order (essentially payment) is transmitted to third parties.

We collect anonymous website usage data (visited pages, device type) through Google’s statistics service, Google Analytics. This enables us to follow the website’s developments, its use, and to improve the service.

No other data is transmitted to third parties. No data is sold to third parties.

Access to your data

You may access your personal pages at any time, and correct your data if necessary.

Right to delete your data

You may also ask us to delete your customer account and any personal data it contains (email addresses and physical address). We will gladly do so. Please note that your orders and any information relating thereto (delivery address/invoice, ordered products, amount and payment) will be retained by us as we are obliged to keep our accounting information for a period of 10 years in the event of an administrative audit (accounting and VAT).

How is your data kept safe

Secure your personal pages

All of your personal pages are accessible only via a secure transfer protocol

(HTTPS) that prevents data from being read when transferred.

Website storage and its database

All data relating to you (your identity and your orders) is saved on secure servers located physically in Geneva, Switzerland, managed by a Swiss company (Webnest). Your passwords are stored in an encrypted format in the database. If you have strong passwords, these may only be decoded with great difficulty.