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Contact address

FT Swiss Creations SA
Rue de Beau-Site 17
2400 Le Locle

Email :
+41 (0)32 933 97 66

Trade Registry

FT Swiss Creations SA is a company that has been registered in the Trade Registry of the Canton of Neuchatel under registration number: CHE-339.716.826 since 27.12.2016. By following this link, you will be able to read the internet extract (link) from the trade registry of the canton of Neuchâtel.

Director: Borel Fulvio.

Intangible rights

Texts and other information, including images, available on the website are protected by copyright. The use of this information for commercial purposes is subject to FT Swiss Creations SA’s approval, and payment for such use may be requested, or such use may be refused. The use of this information for a private purpose is free. Images belong either to FT Swiss Creations SA or to FT Swiss Creations SA’s suppliers.


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